YAY! I am so happy you’ve scheduled a portrait session at Dogpatch Pet Portraits! If you have not already read the INFO page, please check it out for tips on getting ready for your session.Also, we have a little business to complete before your session date. The Portrait Agreement below makes sure that we are both on the same page about some important details. Please complete it before your session.I also need to add you to my client database. Click “New Client Contact Form” below to open and complete the form.NEW CLIENT CONTACT FORMThanks for your help with these details!Susan Gertz

Client Portrait Agreement

Client InformationClient Name*



Contract TermsPlease check the contract terms below to indicate that you have read each.Session Fees*Session fees are to be paid in full prior to the scheduled session.If you need to reschedule your session, you are required to do so at least 24 hours in advance.

I have read this statement.
Dogpatch Pix guarantees the following:
1. Photographer Susan Gertz will be at the studio when scheduled with all necessary equipment.
2. Your results will be both unique and professional.
3. Photographer Susan Gertz will create the best possible portraits using artistic judgment and professional opinion in the capture, editing, and selection of each image presented to you.

If digital files from your session become lost, stolen or destroyed for reasons beyond our control, liability is limited to the return of any and all payments received for that session.

I have read this statement.
Copyrights of Artistic Property*DOGPATCH PIX RETAINS THE COPYRIGHT TO ALL PRINTS AND DIGITAL IMAGES. Purchased prints and digital images for social networking may not be scanned, photographed, reprinted or edited without expressed, written or verbal permission. High-resolution digital negatives are owned and retained by Dogpatch Pix.

I have read this statement.
Portrait Contract Electronic Signature*By typing my/our name(s) below, I/we accept the terms and conditions as stated under Contract Terms.

Model ReleaseModel Release Terms*The client allows Dogpatch Pet Portraits the right to enter images resulting from this session in photographic competitions. The client also grants Dogpatch Pix the right to use and publish the photographs as desired.

I understand that the photographer is under no legal obligation to compensate me for use of any photos.

Please note that agreement with this model release is completely optional and does not affect your portrait session in any way.

I agree with the terms of this model release.

I do not agree to this model release.
Model Release Electronic Signature*By typing my/our name(s) below, I/we accept the terms and conditions as stated under Model Release.

Before submitting, print this page for your records.

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