A Lifetime of Loving Animals
I am Susan Gertz, owner and photographer at Dogpatch Pet Portraits, and I am ready to love the furry faces in your family just like my own Darwin, Gus, Garrison, and Lobo!From my earliest memories of the family Weimaraner, Brutus, and the cat I named Miss Socko, I’ve shared a deep love with furry family members. I love animals without fur too! As a kid, I often came home after a day in the woods with a garter snake, salamander, or other new friends. I pursued my interest in animals by completing a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology from Miami University followed by a job as a zoo educator where I enthralled classrooms of students with enormous boas, sharp-taloned hawks, and cloud-soft owls. I later entered Kent State University and completed a Master’s Degree in biology, focusing on animal behavior. As a photographic pet artist, I bring animal experience and artistic vision together to create heirloom portraits of your beloved pets. Clients of the Dogpatch Pix studio are always thrilled at how their portraits reflect the real spirit and personality of their dogs, cats, horses, and even sugar gliders, rats, miniature pigs, or lizards!

Susan, husband Tom, and furry family members. Photo by Anjali Fong Photography.

An Award Winning Photographer
I enjoy entering photographs in Professional Photographers of America (PPA) competitions. Competition keeps me striving to grow and improve. Among other awards, I am a proud recipient of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) prestigious Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medal Awards and have been an Ohio Top Ten Photographer from 2014–2018.

Susan receives awards in 2015 from Professional Photographers of Ohio.

A House Full of Dogs
I have loved many special pets over the years. The current furry family members are four boys: Shi-Tzu/Bishon mix, Darwin; Chihuahua mystery mix, Lobo; Chihuahua/Miniature Poodle mix, Garrison; and the big boy of the family, Giant Schnauzer/Standard Poodle mix, Gus. Gus is named after my father, and you can read a blog post about it here.

From left to right, Gus, Garrison, lobo, and Darwin.

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