Dogpatch Pix Photographs PAWS pets for charity

I looked around my studio and surveyed the chaos — Furniture scattered in all corners, backdrops crumpled, catnip toys and crumbs of chicken nuggets sprinkled like confetti. Two days, ten dogs and cats, and a team of PAWS staff and volunteers have come and gone.

Among the dog visitors was beautiful Joseph Handsomedog, freed finally from years of suffering tied to a tree and neglected, nearly reaching death. Joseph greeted me with wags and kisses. His friends from PAWS Adoption Center and West Chester Veterinary Center have worked hard to bring him back to health, and he is well on the way. His Facebook supporters from around the world have cheered Joseph on. How resilient is the heart of this dog — loving without judgement other members of the same species that previously tormented him!

Now comes my job of turning an exciting photo shoot with Joseph and his dog and cat friends into a wonderful calendar to raise money to help rescue and provide health care for many more abandoned and neglected animals that need the care Joseph received. As owner and photographer at Dogpatch Pix Pet Portrait studio in Middletown, Ohio, I am proud to have donated the photography to this important cause, and I think you will love the result. The full color, 8.5 x 5.5 wall calendar is available for you to purchase at the link below. All proceeds go to PAWS.

PAWS 2014 Calendar featuring Joseph



Now, I need to clean up the studio!

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